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Payment & Shipping

Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods
     Non Registered Post:
This is the best postal method. Your order will normally be posted within 48 hours of it being ordered and paid for. Orders paid by cash transfer such as Western Union or MoneyGram usually ship within 24 hours. The order will be hidden and sent in plain packaging with no mention of steroids anywhere.

If the order is large, it will be broken down into smaller packages and sent on seperate days. Non Reg means you can use a false name for receiver as package needs no signature and should be left if no one in and also is the least suspicious way of us sending as Customs take less interest in anything sent Registered.

However, please be aware, there is no way of tracking a non registered item. We will not be responsible for unregistered post being lost in transit because we have no way of tracking it. Any re shipment would only be offered on production of proof from the customer, that a package has been lost or seized. Orders can be shipped by priority airmail (registered and non registered) and courier. If you want sent Registered then let us know in your order comments.

     Registered Priority Airmail:
We normally send your order hidden in discreet packages by registered priority airmail but you can choose your preferred posting method. You or someone will normally need to sign for your package on arrival. If your local postal carrier is unable to deliver your package to the shipping address given (because there is no one there who is able to sign for the registered parcel) you will normally get a note by the postal carrier of where you can collect it from and you may need to contact your postal carrier to arrange a pick up time.

If you do not contact your postal carrier (eg USPS in USA) the carrier may send the parcel back to the country of origin. The parcel will not be returned to us as we do not include a valid return address (for security reasons). In such cases, the parcel and its contents will be lost and we will not re ship a second time. If the package is stopped by your Customs (and you will receive a note from them if they do seize the package) we shall ship a second time (by registered airmail again) but you must supply a clean, uncompromised alternate name and address. We offer re ships for 50% of the original product price plus shipping fees  costs - on production of a valid Customs letter. 

All registered packages are extremely small and  discreet. Any re shipment would only be offered on production of proof from the customer, that a package has been lost or seized. An example of proof would be a copy of a notice issued by a Customs authority. In addition the customer must provide an alternative (ie clean and uncompromised) name and address.

Courier is the quickest method of delivery but all orders shipped by courier must be re packed to a higher degree and even then we cant guarantee delivery and we recommend our normal registered posting method for best success. Courier packages are nearly always inspected before posting or during shipping and thus the order has to be completely re packed to ensure success in delivery but if ordering vials with metal tops then they are not as successful as sachets. We advise that courier is usually more suited to larger orders or urgent orders. For full tracking of your order along every part of its postal journey then this is the only way.

     Shipping methods are:
BodyMuscleShop offers shipment via courier DHL, DPD, EMS, FEDEX, GLS, TNT, UPS.

     Tracking Your Order:
By Courier is the only way to get full tracking of your package.
If shipped by registered post, you will be emailed a Postal registration/reference number please keep this email as any lost orders can then be traced later by us ( tracing lost orders is a long process as forms have to be filled in and sent to the National Post Head Office who then write a reply up to 5 weeks later.

If an order is taking an unusual amount of time to arrive we will put a trace on the order from here by initially calling the Post Head Office then filling in Lost package forms). If you wish you may also enquire from your country too, the registration number usually changes when it enters another country, but your post office can possibly give you the number assigned to it.
How soon will you receive your goods? Your order will be shipped normally within 48 hours after being paid for but we try to ship to you as quick as possible everytime.

Shipping to Australia, Mainland Europe and the UK usually takes 7-15 days and to Canada and the United States 10-21 days. It is unusual for an order to take longer than this but it sometimes happens. Once the order is sent we have no control over postal delays, public holidays or any other delays the postal service make so please dont contact us asking where it is until at least 20 business days have passed. Business days are Mon to Fri only.